Eigenface face recognition


As the first step, you may try this step-by-step tutorial, which shows, how to use current version of libface:
libface 0.0.1-prealpha1 Tutorial HTML Zipped HTML PDF

An introduction and detailed description to the eigenface based face recognition can be found in the document
Eigenface-based facial recognition HTML Zipped HTML PDF

Below you can find links to the resources mentioned in this document (we provide them here for the case they are not available on their original web sites):

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  • M. A. Turk and A. P. Pentland. Face recognition using eigenfaces. In Proc. of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, pages 586-591. IEEE, June 1991b.PDF
  • D. Pissarenko Face databases, 2003.PDF


    You will find the eigenface face recognition programs at SourceForge.
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